Benefits of Data Encryption Software

Published: 14th April 2010
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Data encryption is one of the techniques to password protect your confidential information in such a way that it cannot be viewed and accessed by any unauthorized person. This is because encryption algorithm transforms your data or information into a scribbled format that can later be recovered with the help of a key (password). In this way, you prevent unauthorized users from transmitting your confidential information to the wrong parties and from modifying and editing your information. This is the most significant benefit of data encryption.

As the technology these days has been evolving at a very rapid speed, the need to password protect confidential data has also been emphasizing a lot. This is because of the diminishing reliability of many older encryption practices and techniques.

Data encryption is in so much demand as there are many benefits of using it like it protect your information securely and protect it from getting accessed by unauthorized users. Furthermore, industrial intelligence among the highly competitive businesses repeatedly requires that some sort of privacy security measures must be put into place to avoid any types of legalities that implicated ownership of such. In addition, certain people want to encrypt their confidential and sensitive information to prevent hackers and chances of privacy breaches.

Although with the time, encryption practices and algorithms have been ameliorated a lot but still there is not much difference between the basic modern encryption and the antique encryption techniques. The only thing is that the previously used encryption practices can now be very easily broken and thus are not executable.

Today, data encryption software have grown to such an extent that they have taken a shape of a specialized industry. The data encryption software that employs the modern encryption technology is now also involved mathematical and non-linear cryptosystem that makes it impossible to break the cipher text.

Along with these benefits, there are some other benefits of data encryption. Some of them are listed below:

  • Complete integrity of your protected files

  • Maximum protection of encrypted files

  • Encrypted files cannot be accessed without correct password

  • Encrypted files and folders cannot be deleted without your permission

  • Encrypted data cannot be modified.

  • Authentication is required to access encrypted information.

  • If encryption software comes with shredding feature, it securely deletes files after encrypting that further enhance the security of your data.

  • Encrypted container or locker itself cannot be deleted without the password.

  • Encrypted lockers are portable so that you can send them over email and via messenger's file transfer option

  • Encryption software that uses standard encryption algorithm like 256-bit AES encryption offers maximum security of your encrypted files.

  • Since encrypted lockers are portable, you can carry your encrypted data in your USB flash drive as well.

  • For enhanced security, some file encryption software also comes with the Virtual Keyboard feature to prevent any possible key logging attempt.

  • Since encryption algorithm cannot be broken, you can feel safe to keep a safe backup of your files even on your network or in your email account.

For casual users, there are some data encryption software available in the market that offer simple locking so that you would not complicate yourself with the encryption process.

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