What is Password Protection?

Published: 14th April 2010
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In Information Technology, password protection is a term employed to define the process of putting a password on certain files and folders so that no one can access your files without your permission. Password protection is the most common and the most basic aspect of data security and almost every data security software uses it.

Password protection offers you a way to protect your data from prying eyes and to prevent unauthorized users from getting access of your confidential information that can cost you money and even your job if ended up with the wrong hands.

Since the Information Technology has developed a lot and people are now making fortune on the internet, and therefore they want to protect their information and would like to keep it private. For instance; credit card numbers is one of the main targets of the hackers and crackers that are always on the quest to hack into your bank account. Since now that commercial trading on the internet has become a reality. Therefore, no one can ever overlook the importance of password protection.

You can avail this password protection with or without software. If you do not want to use any software for accomplishing this protection, you can use your Operating System built in properties and set a password for your files.

Password Protection without Software

Using Windows XP to Password Protect Files:

Windows offers an easy way to password protect your files, you can use the security tab in Windows and remove other users to prevent them from getting access to your files. Furthermore, you can also set Windows login password so that you need not to protect individual files.

Using Linux/UNIX for to Password Protection:

Most Linux and UNIX systems have got these permissions set so that no one other than administrators can see your folders you can enforce these restrictions via "chmod go-rxw ".

Password Protection with Software

There are unlimited numbers of software available in the market that offer password protection for the files and folders because it is the fundamental part of data security. You may find numbers of freeware as well as shareware products. You can choose depending upon your requirements and needs as what you want to protect and what level of protection you want.

Some software are available that can only protect your confidential and private data with the help of password that you select, and there is as such no protection of data available. Such type of protection is not as reliable because anyone can easily break it.

On the other hand, there are some security software that offers password protection along with the data protection like file locking software, data encryption software, USB security software and much more. Examples may include Folder Lock, Folder Protect, USB Secure and many others. These types of data security software lets you protect your data with the password of your choice and will also let you to carry your data wherever you want.

This is one of the marvelous approaches of the fast moving high-tech world that demands the new and more reliable way to safeguard their information. Since computer users are increasing day by day, many companies are now focusing and striving hard to come up with the easiest and securest solution for their customers.

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